5 Ways to Kick Procrastination to the Curb

5 Ways to Kick Procrastination to the Curb

5 Ways to Kick Procrastination to the Curb


Procrastination is a crutch for many of us. Whether we’re afraid, overwhelmed or downright lazy, sometimes our responsibilities can seem so massive that we’d rather not deal with them right away [or at all].

But sometimes it can be not really Procrastination at all just pure overwhelm. As busy working moms we can take way to many responsibilities on. And this leads us to guess what PROCRASTINATE!

We get overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start. So we put it off and off. Till it comes and kicks us in the butt. And most times we can be surprised at just how easy it really was.

I share my top tips with you on how I combat Procrastination. Believe me, this is still a working process here! 

1.  Break It Down.
Breaking down goals into smaller, simpler tasks is another way to kick procrastination to the curb.
It’s important to understand the end goal of any project we are working on. Figuring out the first steps can help us get organized. If you have a bunch of different tasks to accomplish start there. Break each assignment down into individual tasks. Take a look at the desired outcome and then work backwards. Make a list of the steps it will take to get to that end result.
Baby steps you don’t have to accomplish everything straight away. Remember to tell yourself that there is plenty of time. 

2. Eat that frog
From the very good book that I highly recommend reading yes eat that frog first. And what this really means is tackle the big stuff first. The thing that you have been putting off the most. 

When we have a big task to battle and we put it off it plays on our minds. And this is an energy drainer that just leads to more YES you get guessed right Procrastination.

Time schedule in for your very first task before you do anything else is to EAT THAT FROG FIRST. And everything else after that is just a bonus!

3.Time schedule 
If your anything like me if it is not scheduled in it’s not getting done.I like to time block. I have certain things that I do on certain days and this keeps me in the flow.

I have days that I am just scheduling social media. Or days that I am just working with clients. This saves me a tone of time.

I personally find this a great way to work. As when I have to keep going back on forward to do different jobs I lose my flow. So I keep time blocks just for specific tasks so I can just stay in my flow of genius on those days. no going back and forward between jobs.

Another little trick I do is bach plan another time, saver!

4. Only do work that benefits you.
Stop saying yes to everything. Ask yourself this question before you say yes. Is this going to make me happy and move me closer to my goals?

Like what I said about Procrastination it can be just, overwhelm. So stop saying YES to everything. Stop taking so much on!
(I have been an expert at this so I really know what I am talking about, you are really serving no one) 

5.Block out distractions.
We all know what these are yes social media. When you have tasks to do be really strict with yourself and stay away. We can all go down the rabbit hole of Insta or Pinterest.  

Treat yourself to social media time once you have done your task.

Another big distraction can be housework. This was one big thing I had about working from home. I would be trying to work and I could just feel this dishes calling me to be washed.

But I do what I do with my work I schedule it in. And I do not do any housework outside of this time (I schedule it in for when the family is home so we can all do it together).

Ps. I have an extra bonus tip for you…
Make you a priority and you can do this by having some you time in the mornings. Set your alarm for even 30mins before the family gets up and just take time to sit. It sets you up with my clarity and clear mind for the day. And this means better decision making.

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success go ahead and tackle those goals! Make a habit of getting stuff done like the Super Business Mom you are!

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