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Tapping into your big vision and manifesting your dreams

I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It’s like having a mental workshop.

Jack Youngblood


Tapping into your big vision and

manifesting your dreams



THE MOMPRENEUR SHOW BRINGS YOU THE QUEEN OF Tapping into your big vision and manifesting her dreams


Melanie is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (also known as EFT or tapping) and Helps you to achieve your Big Vision with EFT. Melanie has manifested amazing things into her life including a trip to Disney Land with her family.


Tapping into your big vision and manifesting your dreams


On the show this week we not only chatted about manifesting but also about things that are important in out business. Like when we start to have an income coming in the first things to spend it on is outsourcing.


That when we are busy moms we only have so many hours to spend in our business so outsource the things that are not our strengths and focus on what is.

Tapping into your big vision and manifesting your dreams

We also chatted about the importance of investing in yourself for coaches or events. That we need to change our thinking around this of I can not afford to have/do but you need to ask yourself can I afford not to have/do.


Tapping into your big vision and manifesting your dreams


Go check out the interview we have chatted about so much for family and business. We even chatted about manifesting weekly blow drys…..


You can find Melanie and her amazing work that you seriously need in your life believe me everyone does.


Face book


Melanie is currently running a free five-day prosperity party?

The FREE five-day party begins on Monday 6th March in a private Facebook group.

All that’s needed is a mind totally open to possibilities and miracles!

I’ll see you there!

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