How she does it all

How she does it all Extraordinary Mompreneur Blog Series 11

How she does it all

“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. ”  

Victor Hugo.


Every week we ask a successful Mompreneur to share their success tips with us. It is a burning question that does be on most of our minds.  Just How she does it all?


This week we asked Patrice Craig from Ever Skin to share her tips with us. We ask a set of seven questions on this blog series. It is a fun way to a have a sneak peek inside each other’s life!



What is your one main Productivity tip that you can share?

Every night before I go to bed I create a goal list for the next day. I wake up knowing what I want/need to accomplish for the next day. It is as though I have spoken the success into existence.


What are your must-haves for successfully managing motherhood and your business?

Patience and a good organizer.


What are your success habits?

Consistency-I find that if I am spending just a little time everyday chipping away at my goals I am more centered and I am getting where I want to be. Getting to bed on time and waking up early-I wake up about an hour before my kids. I exercise or respond to e-mails. Drink hot cups of coffee. It’s quiet and sometimes the most productive I will be all day. Setting clear goals- Every month I set goals for myself with a clear path of getting there. A goal is great but if you have no idea how you are getting there then you are just flapping in the wind.


What do you teach your children that you have learned along your Mompreneur Journey?

I try to teach them to be flexible. Not every plan is success but every experience teaches you something. Be willing to see the teachable moment in the failure. Be prepared to celebrate when the plan comes together.


How has being a mompreneur affected your family life?

It has inspired my kids to start their own businesses. My oldest son started a lawn care business, my second son has a pet sitting service and my daughter is my partner. We have become a family of entrepreneurs. My kids have succeeded and failed, learned and grown in their respective businesses. I am so proud to watch them learn to go after their dreams. Last night I was on the way home from a practice with one of my kids. We have six kids and life is sometimes hectic. We were driving home, it was nearly 10pm. He asked why I would work for myself, and without thinking I said, ‘Because of days like today.’ Last night I made dinner, watched a practice, cheered at a game, taken my little ones on a surprise ice cream run and hosted a mini sales call. I did it and didn’t miss tuck in. That wasn’t an option when I was running retail stores.


What book has inspired you the most?

There are so many books that have inspired me, The Girl Code, Find Your Extraordinary, The Power of Broke, The 4 hour Work Week and The Obstacle is the Way. Geez, I feel like I could go on forever.


Just for FUN in one word, characterize your life as a Mompreneur?




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