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How she does it all Extraordinary Mompreneur Blog Series 13


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Every week we ask a successful Mompreneur to share their success tips with us. It is a burning question that does be on most of our minds.  Just How she does it all?


This week we asked Catherine Kayse from to share her tips with us. We ask a set of seven questions on this blog series. It is a fun way to a have a sneak peek inside each other’s life!

What is your one main Productivity tip that you can share?

Time blocking is key. Take a blank calendar and fill in the necessary obligations first, then prioritize your goals in bite-sized pieces, fill in family time, date nights, appointments, etc. If you keep your goals last, they will always be on the back burner. Other things will fill in the time, unless you make it a priority and write it down, block off time, and get to work! I’ve watched this happen to other moms where they put everyone and their activities first for so many years, then they begin harboring resentment for having missed out on much of their own dreams. It’s okay to arrange carpools for practices sometimes, and to create freedom to be there for what really matters.

What are your must-haves for successfully managing motherhood and your business?

Two days a week I pay for childcare for a few hours. That way I have time to FULLY invest in my business for a solid chunk of time. I want to be fully present with my children when we have time together. By taking time to get focused work done allows me to sit on the floor and play with my kids without feeling guilty for neglecting my business.

What are your success habits?

The evening before I have a work day, I plan out specifically what I will accomplish. I sometimes put my phone in a different room to focus fully on writing or whatever task I’m doing, without being distracted by notifications. On those days I also shower and get dressed as if I’m going to work. It’s amazing how that helps my mindset shift.

What do you teach your children that you have learned along your Mompreneur Journey?

They say more is caught than taught in parenting, meaning children pick up on things they experience more than what we tell them. I hope my children see that I have worked really diligently to get the balance that works best for our family in each different season. It’s fun when my four-year-old joins a webinar or my daughter helps me tape packages. I hope they see that hard work pays off and that family is a priority.

How has being a mompreneur affected your family life?

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to strive for this balance. Years ago, our moms had to decide if they would fully devote themselves to the domestic sphere and forgo income for the family, or go to work and drop us at daycare each day. Single moms had no choice at all! Now we get to leverage technology, work from anywhere, and raise our children. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely a great time to be a mom.

What book has inspired you the most?

There’s a book about homesteading called Radical Homemakers that shifted my views on the family structure and helped me to ask some important questions. Even though we aren’t homesteaders, her introduction on trends in family structures is really interesting.

Just for FUN in one word, characterize your life as a Mompreneur?


Catherine Kayse of “Hey, Momma!” blog is passionate about helping other families find the unique work-life balance that works for them. She believes women can invest in their family without neglecting their retirement plans.

After earning a M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition, she spent several years teaching and serving in ministry. Motherhood has allowed her to step into her calling in unexpected ways.

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