How she does it all

How she does it all Extraordinary Mompreneur Blog Series 5

How she does it all

“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”

Honore de Balzac


Every week we ask a successful Mompreneur to share their success tips with us. It is a burning question that does be on most of our minds.  Just How she does it all?


This week we asked Sarah Galeboloke from Plural Growth to share her tips with us. We ask a set of seven questions on this blog series. It is a fun way to a have a sneak peek inside each other’s life!



What is your one main Productivity tip that you can share?

I love the saying “Successful People do it now” when something comes to mind and as a mom, I’m sometimes not able to “do it now” so I put it on a “to do” notes on my phone. This helps me not to stress about it because I know I will get to it and I don’t need to remember my next block of work time ill open it up and remember all the great ideas I have. The biggest thing is not not get overwhelmed with the big goal just start with the small things you can do now.

What are your must-haves for successfully managing motherhood and your business?

The biggest attribute is positive and solution based thinking. When you have work and home life obligations there is too much to do to waste energy on being stressed or worried by putting things in a positive “failure is an opportunity to learn” mentality I not only learn how to be a better mom and entrepreneur but have the mental and emotional energy to be my best. Also a great tool is my iPhone, 90% of my business I can run from my phone. I can be with my son on a walk and send a few emails or design a meme.What are your success habits?

I time block my work, I am always ahead by a week. I use a PM system to track everything and work with my team. I do 3 “morning pages” a morning to get all the junk out, allows me to be more productive and creative during the day. I schedule difficult things during my high energy levels and easy or fun activities for when my energy is lower.

What are your success habits?

Get up early Put EVERYTHING in my calendar Have a schedule and plan but am flexible to change when inspired to Serve others EVERY day, I call it selfish giving the more I give the more I gain Read scripture, pray and meditate EVERY day. This opens me up to inspiration, helps me stay in a positive place and opens up opportunities I’d otherwise never have I exercise every day I take care of my nutrition by eating health and taking Zeal Always looking to connect and give to others Spend at least 1hr (broken up throughout the day) to fully focus on my son, to play or sing, to teach and listen Affirmations, I use “I can do this” a lot. I say it out loud to myself repeatedly until I’m well on my way to doing.


What do you teach your children that you have learned along your Mompreneur Journey?

One way I teach is by example, showing how important it is to prioritize self and by doing so I am not neglecting my other obligations. I let me son (he is 2) be involved as much as possible. One example, when I’m setting up podcast equipment I teach him how it works I even let him recored himself to see how it works. My goal is to teach and empower him to do whatever he wants. I don’t want him to feel limited as I did most of my life.


How has being a mompreneur affected your family life?

It has helped me create heathy bounders, have better quality time with my son, helped me provide for my family, its caused me to reach out an build a village because I need the support and help, I am a much better wife and mother because of my work.

What book has inspired you the most?

This is a tough one. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the book that got me started but I also like Mary Kay Ash Autobiography, The millionaire mind, 80/20 rule, and the Purple Cow.

Just for FUN in one word, characterize your life as a Mompreneur?


You can check Sarah out at >>>>>

Plural Growth Founder, Wife, mother and Entrepreneur. She enjoys writing, speaking, playing with her son and cooking. She feels everyone has the opportunity to succeed and have a joyful life. She strives to encourage and uplift others to realize their own unlimited potential.
Her mantra is: With God all things are possible.

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