my story



Hi, I’m Sinead Dunne, the Mompreneur Strategist Extraordinaire and fully-fledged rocky road addict. I’ve managed to build a successful business around a crazily hectic family life whilst still having time to binge watch TV box sets and fuel my impressive shopping addiction and I am here to show other mompreneurs how to build the business & life of their dreams

As a mother of five, you could say I am well aware of the challenges aspiring Mompreneurs face.
After leaving school at 14 and having my first child at the age of 16, I didn’t exactly have the beginning to life one would expect from a successful businesswoman. But, like my wonderful clients, I found there was no obstacle big enough to suppress the burning desire in me to achieve my potential and provide the best possible life for my children. Having been raised in an under privileged area in Ireland, I just knew I wanted more for my kids.
So, after the birth of my first child, I went straight to college and discovered a passion for learning and a mildly unhealthy addiction to courses that (much to husband’s delight) has never left me. After doing just about every course under the sun in areas such as meditation/acupuncture/nutrition/psychology/business and lots more. I went out into the world to try and achieve the life I had always dreamed of for myself and my family.
Unsurprisingly though, it wasn’t as easy (or as glamorous) as I had once hoped. My road to success was filled with many obstacles that threatened to throw me off the path and into a great muddy ditch. Trying to start a business when your responsibilities as a mother take up 90% of your time (not to mention energy) just felt completely impossible.

But that burning desire in me to provide for my family spurred me through the tough times and I emerged with so many lessons learned. I had to learn to manage my time wisely, reserve my energy through a healthy diet and lifestyle (chocolate doesn’t count), and do a complete mindset makeover to achieve my goals.
Four more children and a million more courses later I had managed to set up a successful beauty business in a gorgeous wooden cabin in my back garden. Life was good. I had money, a great house, a whole kitchen cupboard just for chocolate, and a wonderful family. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that something HUGE was missing.
One evening, whilst chilling with Eva Longoria (my desperate housewife crush, being the same height I taught there is hope for me to be that sexy with such short legs) and my favorite bottle of Shiraz, it came to me like a flash…

The only way I could truly achieve my potential would be to use all the knowledge I had acquired and lessons learned to help other mompreneurs achieve the success they too deserved! It was truly a light bulb moment for me that changed the entire course of my life (or maybe it was just the wine…we’ll never know!)
I woke up the next morning, checked everything off my desk and started to work on the business of my dreams. That was 5 years ago and I have since helped countless mompreneurs take their online business from an idea to a fully fledged reality.

I’ve done the business calls with baby sick in my hair, nappies stuck to my feet, trying desperately to use the TV remote to mute the supersonic screams of my children. I’ve done the hours and hours of self-help books, spent thousands on courses and lectures and separated the useful from the not so useful. I’ve done the failing, the tears and frustration so intense that even Jon Snow (game of thrones) and a rocky road binge couldn’t help. I’ve been there and have come out the other side so I can guide fellow mompreneurs on a road to success that is far smoother and far quicker than my own. I can’t promise you it will be glamorous and I can’t promise you it will be easy, but together we WILL make it happen!


How do I do it?
I work with passionate, aspiring mompreneurs ready for a big change to take their business through the steps from an idea to a successful online business. I do this by balancing business, mindset and holistic coaching with practical tools and knowledge of digital marketing and sales to take your business online. This method ensures that the body and mind are at an optimum state to achieve success (don’t worry, you’re still allowed chocolate). I focus heavily on establishing a balanced work/life routine that de-clutters the mind, restores calm and enables you to prioritize and execute tasks for your business quicker and easier. And most importantly, I work with you to do a mindset makeover to remove any mental and emotional obstacles that are preventing you from living a life of financial abundance and personal success. We work with weekly achievable goals that you can balance with family life without the feeling of overwhelm.