Stuff I Use & Recommend

I am always asked about the different tools and resources I simply cannot function without.

There are so many that I use and the list would be way way way too long so I have narrowed it down to these.

So with that being said! The list of tools to end all lists of tools!


Trello is my favorite tool of all. It saves me so much time and keeps me totally organized. Must have tool for all busy Mompreneurs.

WordPress is hands-down the most popular blogging software out there.

It’s completely free, incredibly easy to customize, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of free and premium themes that you can download and use to get the exact look you’re going for! has the most beautiful elegant feminine themes I just love them, go check them out you will not be disappointed!


PicMonkey is full of different themes, overlays, touch up options (hello, wrinkle remover!) fonts, and filters this free photo editing service is hands down one of our favorite websites out there.


Canva is just the b’s & E’s when it comes to design. The dimensions are all done for you ready to go templates it just makes designing so easy. I also love their different template options, such as Instagram images, personalized cards, Facebook ads, PDF templates and just about any social media cover photo you could ever want!


I have used Audio Jungle  songs for my intro & outro. They have so many to choose from you will get lost so book out some time to listen in.


Screencast – o – matic I use this handy tool to record my screen and use it for webcam recordings also. And it is reasonably priced. I bought it for pc but now  use it on mac and it works perfectly.


Drop box is my go-to cloud service and is what we use every day to share files with our my VA, contributors and clients.

It’s easy and secure two things we really appreciate when sharing important files.

LastPass is a handy (and free!) service that allows you to set one master password that you can use for every single site you ever need to sign into.

It just simplifies all your process of logging into a website, courses, etc and keeps things nice and secure.






Please note that some of the links not all included on this page are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you decide to purchase using these links. I really appreciate you using these links!