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Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business

Tips on Growing a Multi-Dollar Business

“If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards.”
Tony Robbins


THIS WEEK ON THE MOMPRENEUR SHOW, WE ARE CHATTING WITH Bernadette Doyle. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALKED about how Bernadette grew here Multi-million dollar Business while being a single mom.



Bernadette is an extraordinary mompreneur for sure, the tips and strategies she shares in this interview are of such great value to us moms. Not only in what she shares, but in that she is such an inspiration to us all starting out. Seeing what Berbaddet has grown her business to while raising her children can show us that it can be done. This can help us when we are having those moments of disbelief or just wanting to give up. Hang in there and remember this extraordinary mom who did it and know you can also. And she share her Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business with us.

Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business
Bernadette realized how she could leverage from here skills and package all her knowledge into an online product and sell this multiple times. This is something that so many moms could do to bring extra income into their life or allow them to stay at home while raising your family. We all have a skill or something that we are good at that could be packaged into an online product that you can also sell, sell, sell so you can get paid paid paid. Doesn’t that sound good?


So use Bernadette’s Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business

Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business
My first time to ever meet Bernadette and this was here strongest message as she quoted again in the interview. When I started out, I never really did much to build my email list but that was a hard lesson I learned the hard way. So get building those email lists moms and grow your business also to a multi-dollar empire.


Tips on Growing a Multi-million Dollar Business



Bernadette Doyle works with successful business women who are challenged by ‘too many ideas but not enough time’ and really want to simplify their business so they can make more money by working in a smarter way.


What makes her unique is that she has built her own home-based business to the million dollar level not just once, but twice! The first time she did it by working hard, getting busier and frankly doing a lot of stuff she didn’t really want to do, but thought she had to do to be successful. The second time she did it, she did it with a much simpler business model that works around her family and allows her plenty of time off. In 2008, she generated over a million dollars in revenue via online sales. In 2009, she generated $1m in online revenues within 12 months and since then she has mentored other clients to the annual million dollar revenues too. It’s been quite a journey and she has met some incredible people along the way including Richard Branson as she has been to his island for private masterminding with other successful business owners three times. These days, she operates her business part time, working from home, and she is a single mother to two amazing sons aged 10 and almost 7. Success for her means living life on my own terms and making money by making a difference to others in a way that works for her and her family and allows time for all the things that are important for her in life.


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