Top 5 mistakes new Mompreneurs make

Being a busy mom is a job in its self, without you making more work for yourself. Here are 5 tips that I learned from the hard way. Put these in place and save yourself some much time and energy. You could be having a relaxing bath, playing quality time with the children or getting more productive work done on your business.

  1. Unclear on your niche/target/avatar market:
    It took me a long time to discover mine. I did not listen to this advice at the start I taught hay I can help so many more people. But no one was hearing me. Are you putting yourself a little bit everywhere? And hoping that it will bring you in more clients. Sorry it doesn’t work. Having one area to narrow down to, can believe it or not to can speak to more.
    Find an area that you can relate to. That you know you help this ideal client. We all have special gifts so find yours and use this to help your specific area.
  2. Spending too much time on the wrong things:
    I am so guilty of this one. Especially being a woman we want everything to be perfect. WE have to have the right colour, web design, logo, designs and branding. WE waste so much time on these things that you will change them time and time again over the time of your business. Our business changes as we grow. So in the beginning stop worrying over these things they really don’t matter.
    Just start were you are at. The rest will grow with you. Getting your business up and giving content is what matters. Connecting with your tribe that’s what counts.
  3. Comparing yourself to others:
    Hello ladies! You will get there. Look at how long these powerful women are in business. This didn’t happen overnight. And it will happen for you if you are dedicated, look at them for inspiration. Stop comparing yourself to them as I am sure they were feeling the very same you are now when they first started out.
  4. Doing too much research:
    We think we don’t know enough, we are not ready, if we just learn this one more thing then you will be ready. Watching webinars doing course after course, book after book, more research. Then we get information overload. Again bringing you back to I don’t know where to start. You know enough, just need to know more than your ideal client to help them. You don’t have to be perfect ( I know that’s hard to swallow but it’s true.
  5. Not being consistent :
    Your tribe will look to you for advice, support and information. You have to show on a daily basis. There is so much noise out there on the online world, so you have to make yours to be heard. Get organised and schedule. And show up.
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    Terrance Bayley
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    Great wordpress blog here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! take care

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